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High performance products designed and built with passion and precision.

STAG Precision Engineering ltd is a manufacturer of high quality outdoors products. Coupling our passion for the outdoors with a strong engineering background, we produce outdoors products that stand apart from the crowd both in terms of rugged design and reliability but also in terms of innovation and simplicity.

STAG Firerod

The STAG Firerod is the unique combination of reliable fire-starting material with a convenient, single-handed quick-release system.

STAG Firerod
Made from Ferrocerium, this device can be used easily even when wet and produces a glowing shower of sparks over your tinder approximately 2500ÂșC and lasts up to around 5000 strikes.

Mount your STAG Firerod to your belt loop, around your neck, on your key ring or your rucksack. Whether you are camping or having a BBQ, you can light your fire with the STAG Firerod.

STAG Firerod - striking

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